Smart Marketing Budgets? Yes Please!

I was recently included in an article with some the best of the best in the multifamily industry – including Kevin Thompson, SVP of Marketing for Bell Partners, Jennifer Anderson, director of B2B marketing for RentPath, and Katie Nelson, director of marketing for CAPREIT. Together we offer some game-winning tips to ensure you are developing and executing a smart (and winning) marketing budget.

Here’s a sneak peek:

As a longtime consultant in the industry, Jim Kjolhede has a three-point message to share: Don’t ask for the budget too early, don’t be overly specific, and provide guidance for younger associates.

“Don’t require the budget to be done in August or September, because, then, you’re projecting 16 months away,” says Kjolhede, president and founder of Satteron Enterprises, a multifamily consulting firm. “That’s four more months of revenue from the current year that you can’t yet take into account. And the toughest thing to predict is revenue.”

Check out the article and let me know what you think!